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Wrought Iron Pan 20cm

Wrought Iron Pan 20cm

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Heavy, wrought-iron quality with strong thermal conductivity for the perfect steak in the open air or in your own kitchen: The wrought-iron pans from Petromax provide a tasty roasting result on all types of stoves and open fire!<.p>

Long-lasting, wrought-iron quality
The durable material of the wrought-iron Petromax pan can be brought to maximum temperatures. Thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity, the heat from the pan is passed on directly to the food and provides an inimitable roasting result for meat, fish and vegetables. In addition, wrought iron is not only extremely durable, the quality of the pan increases with every use!<.p>

No sticking thanks to the unique surface structure
The pan's unique surface structure creates a protective protective layer the very first time it is used. This patina, which is characteristic of wrought iron pans, will continue to develop from then on, with each use. The pan surface becomes darker, more robust and makes the Petromax pan an indispensable companion in the kitchen: Roasting, frying and braising can be done without the food sticking to it. The rustic pan is also suitable for stylish serving and thanks to the separately welded handle it sits securely in the hand.

Technical data
Diameter at the top edge (inside): 20 cm
Diameter pan base (inside): 14 cm
Diameter pan base (outside): 14.5 cm
W x H x D: 20 x 40 x 11cm
Weight: 800g

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