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Perkomax 28 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator

Perkomax 28 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator

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The stainless steel percolator with glass knob for tea and coffee specialties.

With the Petromax percolator made of stainless steel, the preparation of your favourite coffee and tea is particularly gentle. The unique preparation principle gives your drink an incomparable aroma.

A pleasure anywhere
With the stainless steel Perkomax, you can conveniently brew your tea or coffee wherever you need it. You can hang the versatile jug with the sturdy handle over the campfire or use it on your home stove (electric or gas).

The percolator principle makes the taste unique
The functionality of the percolator is simple but convincing: the jug contains a device with a tube and a sieve container for coffee or tea powder. The boiling water rises up in the tube and runs through the permeable lid into the beverage powder, absorbs flavour and mixes with the remaining water. The longer the water circulates in the percolator, the more intense the taste becomes: the principle releases even the finest taste nuances from tea and coffee. You can watch the entire process through the glass knob in the lid.

The stainless steel Perkomax is available in two sizes. With a capacity of around 4.2 litres, the large version makes around 28 cups of pure coffee or tea.

Technical data
Material: stainless steel
Maximum capacity: 4.2 litres
Number of cups: 28

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