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4l Stainless Steel Coffee Pot/Kettle

4l Stainless Steel Coffee Pot/Kettle

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Stabilotherm coffee pot for use on a campfire.

Holds 4 litres, so this coffee pot is suitable for the larger group. The pot is made entirely of metal and the shape of the handle is designed to enable hanging on a stand. The lid has a metal loop, so you can use, for example, a stick to lift the hot lid with it.

At the campfire, you can place the coffee pot on, for example, Stabilotherm’s BBQ Grill or use a stand on which you hang the pot.

Before first use: wash the coffee pot by hand with a little detergent. After the very first use, the coffee pot naturally becomes burnt and sooty. Therefore, it is good to have a storage bag with you to put the cooled pan in. We recommend that you only rinse out or hand wash the coffee pan.

Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 543 g
Volume: 4.0 l

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