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Aramid Pro 300 Heat Resistant Gloves

Aramid Pro 300 Heat Resistant Gloves

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Robust, hard-wearing suede, lined with fireproof aramid fibres - regardless of whether you are stoking a large fire, cooking or grilling: the well thought-out material combination of the Aramid Pro 300 gloves effectively protects hands and forearms from flames and heat.

Contact heat resistant up to 250 ° C
Thanks to the fire-resistant synthetic fibre aramid, the gloves offer optimal protection up to a contact heat of 250 ° C. Fire-hot objects are firmly under control when grilling or making a fire, because the rough surface of the leather guarantees excellent grip.

Petromax design for every hand
Thanks to their universal size, the indestructible Aramid Pro 300 gloves fit every hand and with their long sleeves they also protect the forearms from flying sparks and flames. They come in the classic Petromax design, which, with the dragon logo, symbolises the fascination of fire, warmth and light.
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