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Atago Griddle Plate

Atago Griddle Plate

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The Atago grill plate is a Spanish style plancha plate with different temperature zones for versatile grilling pleasure:

Extension of your all-rounder Atago with a plancha plate, with which you can grill in different temperature zones
3 mm thick steel plancha made in Germany
Precise positioning of the grill plate on the 3-armed plug-in frame
Natural non-stick effect and characteristic taste due to patina formation every time you cook outside simply and safely add firewood or coal
Your grill plate as an extension of the high-quality all-rounder Atago

With the Atago grill plate you extend your all-rounder Atago with a typical Spanish plancha plate with well thought-out details. The grill plate made in Germany from 3mm thick oiled steel delivers the best results thanks to different temperature zones. You sizzle hearty meat specialties extra juicy, while at the same time grilled vegetables or spicy shrimps are waiting to be served at a lower heat. The patina that builds up ensures a natural non-stick effect that gets better with each use - carefully burn your griddle before using it for the first time.

After the fire is stoked, the plate heats up very quickly, guaranteeing you a searing sear. The Atago doesn't run out of energy so quickly, because you can simply add more wood or charcoal through the recess in the middle of the Atago grill plate. Due to its flat design and the pluggable carrier frame, you can easily stow it in the car or van and use it as a versatile cooking and grilling station for every trip in the woods and fields. Thanks to the optimal heat distribution, you can effortlessly achieve ideal cooking results and every dish is a pleasure - the Atago grill plate accompanies you on every one of your adventures.

Grill, fire bowl, plancha plate and cooking area in one
Thanks to the handles, you can transport your Atago grill plate to your personal barbecue area and simply remove the plate after grilling so that the Atago functions as a central fireplace. The easy care of the plate after your barbecue evening means you can quickly return to the Atago to enjoy the view of the fire from the low-smoke secondary burner.

For optimal grilling results, we offer you additional accessories for the Atago grill plate (pictured but not included):
With the Petromax cooking attachment, the recess in the middle is protected and fried eggs, sausages, etc. stay safe on the grill plate thanks to the raised inner edge. Additional cookware can be safely positioned thanks to the cooking attachment.
The Petromax insert for Atago grill plate is a mini grill grate through which the intensive roasted aromas get into all meat dishes through the crackling fire. Peppers or beef fillet with grill marks are also possible, as is a safe place to store your cookware. The insert not only fits perfectly into the cooking attachment, but also into the recess of the Atago grill plate. The meat is sizzling around the insert and the potato wedges are already ready and are eagerly awaited.

Technical data
Grill plate

Material: steel, oiled
Dimensions, approx. (H x W x D): 45.7 x 38.3 x 0.3 cm
Weight, approx.: 2.8 kg

Carrier frame (three-part, pluggable)
Material: steel, oiled
Dimensions per carrier, approx. (H x W x D): 33.5 x 7.0 x 0.2 cm
Weight per carrier, approx.: 170g
Total weight, approx. : 510g

Scope of delivery
1 x grill plate for Atago
3 x carrier (pluggable)
1 x instruction manual

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