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B-Cover Gear Sling/Cover X-Large

B-Cover Gear Sling/Cover X-Large

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What the Bushmen say:

Mini-hammock for your gear and rain cover for your backpack.
Dedicated to 45-75L backpacks. The whole thing fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only 105g.

B-COVER™ Gear Sling / XL
For us, the concept of ultralight is not only minimizing weight, but also the multifunctionality of the equipment we offer.

B-COVER™ Gear Sling is a practical and ultralight equipment hammock, simultaneously a rain cover for the backpack. It is designed for backpacks between 45 and 75L.

Travelling with a B-COVER™ sheltered backpack, you can rest assured that it will stay dry and clean and that the straps and buckles will not snag on protruding branches.

When camping, the B-COVER™ Gear Sling hangs under a hammock and turns into a convenient storage place for your gear. It will accommodate and protect not only your backpack but also additional shoes, books, and food.

Backpack cover
Pull one of the looped ends of the B-COVER™ Gear Sling over the bottom of the backpack.
Pull the other (loop) end over the top of the backpack so the fabric protects the top side.
Tighten the two side loops so that the B-COVER™ Gear Sling tightly covers the sides, top, and bottom of the backpack.
If you want to further secure the cover from accidentally pulling it down/sliding off, you can tie the side straps together.
The use of drawcords ensures that the equipment will perform in low temperatures, even when the rubber used in traditional backpack covers breaks.

Gear sling
When preparing a campsite, it is most convenient to first lay the B-COVER™ Gear Sling covered backpack in the hammock.
Then, take the suspension system out of the pockets in the corners of the cover and clip them into the hammock’s carabiners.
Now all you need to do is to put the backpack under the hammock and adjust the suspension height if necessary.
The bag which is used for storing the B-COVER™ Gear Sling works perfectly as an additional pocket e.g. drinks. It can be clipped into the edge of a hammock, gear sling, or, for example, suspended from a ridgeline.

The load capacity of the system is 35kg
The B-COVER™ Gear Sling is not designed to hold children or animals.

Weight - 105g
Dedicated to backpacks 45-75l
Maximum load 35kg

Set contains:
B-COVER™ Gear Sling / L
2 x rope with tensioner
Hammock pocket / pouch

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