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Burner with Wick - Moss Green

Burner with Wick - Moss Green

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Why the coloured Feuerhand Burner forms the heart of your hurricane lantern:

  • sturdy, heat-resistant steel burner with flat wick
  • integral rotating handle for easy adjustment of the flame size
  • suitable for the Baby Special 276 and the 275 models
  • made in Germany
  • When it comes to your Hurricane Lantern, Feuerhand Burners for the Baby Special 276 can either be a matching replacement burner or a contrasting highlight.

    Featuring an integral rotating handle for easily adjusting the size of the flame, these powder-coated burners are available in an exclusive selection of colours to coordinate with the range of hurricane lanterns. You can, therefore, replace the burner in your classic hurricane lantern with one in a matching shade or go for a strikingly different effect. Give your timeless Baby Special a unique look with a coloured burner and render your hurricane lantern even more special.

    The Feuerhand Burner is supplied with a wick (12 cm long), is made in Germany and is also suitable for the 275 models.

    Technical details
    Material: steel, powder coated
    H x W x D: 1.4 x 3 x 3cm
    Weight: 20g

    Scope of delivery
    1 x coloured burner Moss Green
    1 x flat wick 12 cm x 12.5 mm

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