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Bushbed Pro Hammock Camo

Bushbed Pro Hammock Camo

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BUSHBED™ PRO/CAMO - ready to go!
BUSHBED™ PRO/CAMO is a large, comfortable, and lightweight hammock in camouflage colours with an integrated mosquito net, equipped with an optimal hanging system based on strong wide tree hugger straps. Intuitive one-pull mosquito net release system, convenient overhead pocket for small items. Low weight, full comfort of use. A unique design for the most demanding hammock users.

The BUSHBED™ PRO/CAMO is the perfect choice for everything from dense forests to backyard gardens.

Lying comfortably in the hammock, just pull the cord and the mosquito net integrated into the canopy “automatically” extends over your head. You just have to fasten the buckle of the mosquito net and you are fully protected against insects.

Mosquito net
The net has a mesh size of 1 mm, thanks to which it perfectly protects against even the smallest insects such as black flies, fleas, or young ticks. Its density and special thread used in the netting make it practically impossible for twigs, grasses, and other “fuzz” to stick to it. It can be spread over the full length of the hammock or only on its part. The net takes up about 2/3 of the mosquito net, while the remaining part (overhead) is covered by the fabric. The net protects from direct sunlight, moisture, and dust, and gives a pleasant feeling of intimacy.

The mosquito net can be tilted at any time, creating a window between the canopy and the hammock. By locking the second slider at the end of the hammock you can open the net directly over your head. The rest of the body is shielded by the zippered hammock fabric, creating a distinctive, secure cocoon. The zipper connects the edges of the hammock for 2/3 of its length – from the feet towards the head.

The hammock is equipped with a special pocket for things you should always have at hand. It is located above the head so that when lying down, it is always easy to reach for such things as a phone, flashlight, or glasses.

The whole set is hidden in the pouch. It has a small slit at the bottom, through which you can thread the end of the hammock line. Thanks to that the pouch does not get lost and you can comfortably keep the mosquito net in it.

Both the hammock and the mosquito net cover are made of pre-impregnated parachute silk. Thanks to that with its full airiness it is resistant to moisture, and its load capacity is 200 kg.

The hammock is 3m long and 1.45m wide, which allows even very tall people to sleep comfortably both in the classic and Brazilian way (diagonally).

Added to the set, there are two durable tree hugger straps, two carabiners and 4m of the ridgeline to hang the mosquito net.

The weight of the set, including the mosquito net, is only 0.70 kg which makes it one of the lightest in its class.

Dimensions - 3 x 1.45m
Weight: 0.70kg
Maximum load: 200kg
Mosquito net mesh diameter: 1mm

Set contains:
2x 2m hammock hanging strap
2x ULTRALIGHT 4m ridgeline carabiner

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