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Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch Ovens & Barbecues

Cabix Plus Briquettes for Dutch Ovens & Barbecues

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With Cabix Plus, outdoor cooks now get the perfect briquettes for Dutch oven, loaf pan etc. Thanks to the large contact surface and the excellent air circulation through the groove profile, the Cabix Plus guarantees you stable top and bottom heat. The low-ash combustion of the briquettes makes it easier for you to clean the lid after cooking and baking. Cabix Plus are made from natural raw materials from coconut milk production and are environmentally friendly, sustainable, vegan, gluten-free and CO2-neutral. With a burning time of up to four hours, the charcoal is dimensionally stable and produces an even ember with a constantly high calorific value. Should you extinguish them, the Cabix Plus can then be reused. The stackable, square shape saves you storage space.

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