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Campfire Skewer

Campfire Skewer

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Bread on a stick, marshmallows, sausages and vegetables add variety to your barbecue evening.

On the Petromax campfire skewer ls1 you can now easily and safely roast your food over the fire or hot coals. The two prongs of the skewer, which are slightly bent upwards, keep the sausages and the like in place while cooking.

The campfire skewer is adjustable in length, so you don't have to stand too close to the hot fire while grilling. The practical skewer with its two long prongs is made of stainless steel and is comfortable to hold thanks to the ribbed handle made of high-quality beech wood. After use, you can easily clean the campfire skewer. The hole in the end of the handle allows you to attach it in a space-saving manner.

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