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Chain Mail Cleaner for Cast & Wrought Iron

Chain Mail Cleaner for Cast & Wrought Iron

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With this high-quality utensil made of stainless steel, burnt-on things stand no chance. You can effortlessly clean your cast iron or wrought iron pan or pan with the ring cleaner - without damaging the valuable patina. The structure of the interlocking rings gently removes food residues and does not damage the surface of the cookware.

This is how it works: cleaning without detergent
Let the cookware cool down, if necessary let it soak briefly and gently rub off the burnt-on residue with warm water and the ring cleaner. Of course, you don't need detergent. Rinse again thoroughly after cleaning. Before you put your cast or wrought iron cookware back in the cupboard, always dry it well and care for it as usual. The ring cleaner should also be dried well after use. (Attention: contact corrosion possible!)

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