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Chain Mail Cleaner XL for Cast & Wrought Iron

Chain Mail Cleaner XL for Cast & Wrought Iron

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After a long cooking session, cleaning your pots and pans can become a real challenge. Thanks to the XL version of our tried-and-tested ring cleaner, it is now even faster.

Thanks to the large contact surface of the stainless steel rings that fit into one another, this specialist effectively cleans your cast and wrought iron without destroying the valuable patina. Leftovers and burnt-on foods don't stand a chance.

Clean, no frills
Before cleaning, you should let the cookware cool down well. It's best to soak it briefly in warm water. Now you can gently remove the residue with the ring cleaner XL. Without detergent, of course - the ring cleaner is also good for the environment and your wallet. Then rinse the clean pot again properly. Before you stow the cookware, dry it carefully and apply some care paste. To avoid corrosion, you should also dry your ring cleaner XL well.

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