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Charcoal Tray pro-ft

Charcoal Tray pro-ft

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Whether you want to roast in the Dutch Oven lid like in a pan or you want to cook meat and vegetables with the grill - the multifunctional charcoal tray is ideal for this.

It holds approx. 14-18 standard barbecue briquettes and can be transported in the ft6 (and larger) with the handles retracted. The charcoal tray is one of four products from the pro-ft series, so you can combine it perfectly with the others, making a wide variety of cooking variants possible.

Charcoal tray in combination with Dutch Ovens
The holes in the rim make the charcoal tray a practical chimney starter. Allow the coals to glow and place a Dutch Oven on top. Thanks to the diameter of 23.5 cm, the pro-ft charcoal bowl is ideal for the ft6 and ft9 Dutch Ovens.

Charcoal tray in combination with the Dutch Oven Lid
By clipping the charcoal tray to the hook of the inverted lid holder pro-ft, the Dutch Oven Lid can be used like a frying pan. You can regulate the heat of the pan individually, because the charcoal tray can be attached at different heights.

Charcoal tray in combination with the grill grate pro-ft
Grilling works perfectly too: Instead of the lid, you can also clamp the grill grate pro-ft in the lid holder and combine it with the charcoal tray. With this variant, it is also possible to regulate the heat as you like, since you can attach the charcoal tray at different heights.

Technical data:
W x H x D (in cm): 23.5 x 3.5 x 23.5
Weight (in g): 1000

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