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Dutch Oven FT0.5

Dutch Oven FT0.5

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The original Petromax Dutch Oven is ideal for cooking and baking outdoors or in the oven at home. Cast iron pots have existed since the 18th century. Even then, the unique properties of cast iron were valued. With the Dutch oven, Petromax continues this tradition and also equips the Dutch oven with a multitude of sophisticated details.

Cast iron Petromax quality
Thanks to the excellent properties of cast iron and the special surface structure, the heat is efficiently stored and passed on. The pre-treated surface (seasoned finish) makes it unnecessary to burn in for the first time and the robust Dutch oven can be used immediately. It is used outdoors on an open fire or with charcoal and briquettes. The raised edge of the lid makes it possible to place embers or charcoal on the Dutch oven. The Dutch oven is heated from all sides and is also suitable for baking bread, for example.

Greatest cooking pleasure thanks to sophisticated details
The Dutch oven has ingenious details that make it easier to use and increase the pleasure of cooking. A sturdy handle enables the fire pot to be lifted safely, three feet give the fire pot a secure stand and a thermometer lead-through allows you to check the temperature without having to lift the lid. If you want to lift the hot lid, this is particularly easy with the Petromax lid lifter.

Together with all these ingenious details, the Dutch oven comes in the classic Petromax design: The lid is adorned with the elegant dragon logo, which has always stood for excellent quality and high-quality products.

Available in different sizes and expandable with practical accessories
The Petromax Dutch Oven is available in several sizes, so that the right pot can be selected for the respective recipe or number of people. All Dutch oven sizes are available with feet or with a flat base. In this version ft0.5 with feet, the Dutch oven has a maximum capacity of 0.56 litres. This can be used to prepare sauces and desserts in particular. In addition to the lid lifter, other accessories are available for the Petromax Dutch oven, such as the care paste, the trivet and the ring cleaner for cleaning cast iron.

Technical data
Material: Cast iron
Suitable for: Sauces & desserts
Contents pot (max.): 0.56 litres
Contents lid (max.): 0.25 litres

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