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Dutch Oven Lid Holder/Lifter

Dutch Oven Lid Holder/Lifter

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The lid holder pro-ft grabs the lid and the briquettes on it - and only lets go when you want it. This makes the solid cast lid easier to handle and you can stir, season and taste the food in a relaxed manner.

Hands free with the lid holder
Position the three legs of the lid holder over your Dutch Oven, press down the spring and hook the lid handle. This turns the lid holder pro-ft into a lid lifter: simply remove and set aside. Because the fixed pot lid does not touch the ground when you put it down, the inside of the lid remains free of dirt. Particularly practical: the three-legged lid holder can also serve as a serving stand if you place the Dutch Oven on it.

For a well thought-out variety of combinations in the outdoor kitchen
The lid holder pro-ft is ideally suited for Dutch Ovens ft4.5 to ft12 and can be folded up and transported in a Petromax Dutch Oven ft6. You can combine it wonderfully with other products from the pro-ft series. Depending on how you put the various products together, the lid holder creates a small grilling area, an incense burner or a cooking area for the lid when it is used upside down as a pan.

W x H x D (in cm): 43 x 27.5 x 26
Weight (in g): 1400

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