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FB1 Firebox Stove

FB1 Firebox Stove

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The Petromax Firebox stove promises the construction of a safe and secure fireplace that is stable and leaves no residue.

Durability of the material
The precise incisions in the material act as expansion joints and provide the fire with sufficient fresh air. They ensure that the components of the slot-together cooker do not become permanently deformed, even at the highest temperatures.

Easy to use
The plug-in stove is set up in just a few simple steps and can be folded up just as easily after each use. The stainless steel parts can then be easily cleaned and stowed in the practical bag made of water-repellent ripstop fabric. Inside the folded Petromax Firebox stove, practical accessories such as 'B', the additionally available oven bracket or the feet for the plug-in stove, can be taken along to save space.

Grilling, cooking and making coffee on the go
The stove can be supplemented and used in a variety of ways with other Petromax products such as the Petromax Percolator Perkomax or the Petromax Dutch Oven. You can even bake, because the fire bowl can be raised in two stages with the optionally available oven mount, so that you can bake between the bottom of the stove and the fire bowl.

Environmentally friendly and solid
This Petromax slot-together stove is easy to assemble and disassemble, can be easily stowed away and allows you to take accessories with you. Furthermore, it is robust and does not deform despite high temperatures. Finally, it offers an environmentally friendly and safe alternative to the conventional campfire, as the fire burns exclusively in a separate fire bowl and therefore does not leave any fire.

Technical data
Material: stainless steel
Material (bag): nylon

Scope of delivery
1 x plug-in stove fb1
1 x transport bag for plug-in stove fb1
1 x operating instructions (German/English/French)

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