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Feuerhand 100cm Flat Cotton Wick for Baby Special 276

Feuerhand 100cm Flat Cotton Wick for Baby Special 276

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Why the Flat Wick is the flexible choice for the burner in your Baby Special 276:

  • 1 metre/100 cm of cotton wick for easy cutting and quick fitting
  • Optimal absorption of fuel thanks to natural fibres
  • Burns perfectly and operates safely
  • The Feuerhand Flat Wick made of pure cotton is ideally suited for the burner of the Baby Special 276. Due to the custom-fit wick width of 1.25 cm the burner’s rotating handle can grip the wick effectively and the correct position of the wick is adjusted quickly.

    Delivered as a length of 100 cm the Flat Wick can be cut as needed before being placed inside the burner of your Hurricane Lantern. Natural fibres and the central main thread enable it to draw up lamp oil in the optimum way. As a result, the Flat Wick provides excellent oil absorption for operating your Hurricane Lantern safely and reliably.

    Buying Feuerhand Flat Wick by the metre is the flexible option. The length provided suffices for approximately eight wick changes.

    Technical data:
    Material: 100 % cotton
    Width: 1.25 cm
    Length: 100 cm
    Weight per wick: 9 g

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