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Fire Anchor

Fire Anchor

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With the Petromax fire anchor, you can spontaneously turn any campfire into a practical and versatile cooking area including a grill function. The fire anchor made of coated steel can be quickly and easily anchored in the ground next to your fireplace. Regardless of whether you want to use it over an open fire, over the Atago or over the grill and fire bowl, it will reliably help you when cooking in the Dutch Oven (up to and including ft6), preparing hot water in the tea kettle or grilling vegetable skewers, sausages and more, on the grill.

Always an arm's length ahead
Your fire anchor has a main pole that is fixed to the ground and three arms that you can attach individually to the fire anchor and vary in height and orientation. Two of the arms have notches on the ends for you to attach your cooking utensils. The third arm has a grill grate and an additional notch for your grill gloves or grill and charcoal tongs. Sausages, vegetable skewers and the like can be safely accommodated on the generous grillage with a raised edge.

Good footing on solid ground
Before using the fire anchor, however, you must pay attention to the soil conditions at the fireplace. Sandy ground, for example, is less suitable, since the fire anchor will find little support here. When cooking with heavy Dutch Ovens, make sure you balance the weight appropriately to ensure that your fire anchor is stable.

Technical data
Fire anchor material: Steel, powder-coated
Grill grate material: Steel, chrome -plated
Total height with ground anchor: 103.5 cm
Length of arm with grill grate and notch: 66.5 cm
Length of arms with 3 notches: 66.5 cm
Dimensions of grill grate: 39 x 39 cm
Weight: 6.7 kg

Scope of delivery:
1 x Petromax Fire Anchor

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