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Fire Skillet 20cm with one handle

Fire Skillet 20cm with one handle

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The Petromax fire pan made of high-quality cast iron is indispensable for your meals over an open fire and in the home kitchen. Because cast iron pans are extremely durable, they are also used by professional chefs. Once you've tried it, you won't want to go without the fire pan and its numerous advantages.

The best material: cast iron
The high-quality cast iron with its excellent heat distribution is immediately ready for use and easy to care for thanks to the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish). The long-lasting and robust pan has a natural non-stick effect, which you improve with every frying process, as a protective layer forms. Cast iron is also a good heat store, so you can serve your dishes directly in the pan.

On all hobs
You can not only use the fire pan on the electric stove, over the gas flame, or in the oven. It also cuts a fine figure outdoors on a hob, on a campfire or on a suitable grill. Braising, searing or roasting - every dish becomes a pleasure in the fire pan.

Available in two versions and many sizes
The fire pan fp20 has a pan handle and an opposite smaller handle so that you can carry it safely and hang it up.

Whether home-style cooking or haute cuisine, delicious fried potatoes or the perfect steak:
The fire pan is available in many sizes and is therefore suitable for dishes and portions of all sizes.

Technical data
Material: cast iron
Capacity: 1 litre
Diameter at the top edge (inside): 18.9 cm
Diameter at the top edge (outside): 20 cm
Diameter pan base: 15 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

delivery 1 x fp20-t 1 x operating manual (German / English /French)
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