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Fire Stand for Chimney Starter

Fire Stand for Chimney Starter

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With the Petromax Fire Stand you can already use the heat above the chimney starter. The two parts of the clever attachment are put together in the middle with a flick of the wrist. The finished fire stand only has to be placed on the chimney starter. While the charcoal or briquettes are being heated up, there is already enough cooking heat to fry the first ingredients in a pot or pan or, for example, to prepare delicious drinks: for example a coffee in the percolator or tea in the tea kettle. So no heat is wasted. You can also use the fire stand in the classic way as a practical coaster.

The standing cross can be placed on grill starters or chimney starters with a diameter of 14.5 cm to 16.5 cm and 19 cm to 25 cm. After putting it together, connect the fire stand to the chimney starter using the pre-made cutouts. This quickly and easily creates a heat source for pre-cooking and frying or a practical storage area.

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