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Flat Bowl/Scoop 25cm Olive Wood

Flat Bowl/Scoop 25cm Olive Wood

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The 25cm bowl made of olive wood is a variable and versatile tool for cooking outdoors:

Versatile bowl 25 cm long: for serving and scooping
Made in Germany and handcrafted
Resource-saving from olive trees that are no longer harvested
Long lasting thanks to oil-wax finish, food-safe
Practical suspension on the leather strap
The versatile bowl made of olive wood - for every adventure

The Petromax bowl with a length of 25 cm is your versatile vessel for uncomplicated bushcraft experiences. You can use the small handle in numerous ways: as a spoon, bowl, serving bowl or ladle. The handle ensures that you are protected from the heat of the pot or meal; the recess offers you enough space to serve fresh finds from the forest, to scoop or as a bushcraft plate for your campfire meal. The bowl is made of olive wood from the real olive tree. The felled olive trees could no longer be harvested and so the entire life of the tree is revealed in a unique grain. The wood with a dark-grained core and light, homogeneous outer annual rings is highlighted by unique craftsmanship. This makes it your irreplaceable utensil.

Made in Germany: olive wood bowl with handle (25cm length)

Petromax olive wood products are handcrafted in Germany. They are made from Olea Europaea wood. Due to the late felling of the tree, whose fruits can no longer be harvested, resource-saving production and sustainable use take place. Thanks to the oil-wax finish, your olive wood bowl is durable and always ready for your next outdoor use. You can carry it with you on the leather strap on your belt or backpack - or hang it up in the forest in the outdoor kitchen. The engraving with the Petromax logo gives your unique bowl a particularly strong touch.

To care for your olive wood bowl:
Your Petromax olive wood products should only be cleaned with mild soap and some water. After the occasional treatment with a little olive oil and after each cleaning you should let the olive wood product dry well. The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight and high temperature jumps. The wood can also become discolored if foodstuffs that stain strongly are used.

Technical specifications
Material: Olive wood with an oil wax finish
Approximate dimensions (H x W x D): 2.5 x 25 x 10 cm
Weight, approx.: 175g
Capacity, max.: 85 ml

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