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FS38 Griddle & Fire Bowl

FS38 Griddle & Fire Bowl

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Grilled culinary delights, juicy pan-fried dishes or a cozy campfire: all of this is possible with the all-rounder made of steel. With a diameter of 38 cm, you can prepare dishes for 1 to 3 people on the fs38.

Cooking, grilling and roasting
With the three legs, the grill and fire bowl stands securely over the open fire. It gets hotter in the middle than on the outer edge, so you can keep steaks, baked goods and Co. warm there while the vegetables are still sizzling in the middle. The grill plate is burned in before it is used for the first time, so that a patina forms with every further roasting and burning process, which ensures a natural non-stick effect. Once burned in, the plate heats up very quickly and you can start grilling right away.

Make fire
The grill and fire bowl also offers you the opportunity to enjoy the crackling of burning logs and blazing flames under the starry sky. If you want to leave the floor intact by your campfire, this bowl is just the thing. Do you like to cook with our Dutch Oven? This is also possible with the Petromax grill and fire bowl! It is so massive that coals and briquettes, including the well-filled Dutch oven, stand securely on the bowl.

Skilful transport
The fire bowl is anything but bulky, because the 23 cm long legs can be easily unscrewed. So you can stow them in a bag and take them with you. The grill tray can also be used on the Petromax Atago without the legs.

Technical data
Material: steel
Diameter: 38 cm
Extension by legs: 23 cm
Height: 28.6 cm
Width (max.) 49.6 cm
Weight: 3.8 kg

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