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Fire Grill Pan with 1 Handle 30cm

Fire Grill Pan with 1 Handle 30cm

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Roast meat or vegetables until crispy and juicy - with the Petromax grill fire pan, your dishes get the perfect aroma, as if they were fresh from the grill. Whether you use the pan on the campfire or at home on or in the stove and whether you are a hobby chef or a professional, you will not want to do without the cast iron grill pan. The grooved pan base not only gives your food the typical grill pattern, you also fry particularly low-fat, as meat and the like lie directly on the grooves.

Cast iron - durable and grill-proof
Cast iron impresses with its special properties: The heat is quickly and evenly distributed in your grill fire pan during roasting and is then stored for a long time. You can also serve directly in the pan if you wish. The durable and robust pan can be used immediately thanks to the pre-treated surface (seasoned finish). After frying, you can easily clean and care for them. The valuable patina ensures a natural taste and gets better with every roasting process.

In two versions on all hotplates You can use your grill and fire pan outside on an open fire, grill and so on, as well as inside on all types of stoves and in the oven. The gp30 with pan handle is easy to carry and, thanks to the eyelet, can also be attached. The grill and fire pans are available in two sizes and in two designs each - classic with a pan handle and shorter handle or with two short handles. We recommend the Petromax scraper with grooves for cast iron for quickly removing frying residue from the grill structure of your pan.

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