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Hanging Poultry Grill Basket

Hanging Poultry Grill Basket

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The Petromax poultry grill basket is the ideal basis for your original grilling adventure:

Particularly succulent cooking result and unique aroma over an open fire
Uniform cooking process thanks to the swivel and hanging loops on each rod
Quick and safe fixing of the chicken by two connected half-shells
Easy temperature regulation with link chain
Durable material

The Petromax Poultry Grill Basket turns your grilling adventure into an original experience with extra aroma and an incomparably smoky note. Chicken, poulard, leg of lamb or other meat specialties can be grilled effortlessly in it until they are crispy. By fixing the two halves of the basket, the contents are firmly clamped and cooked directly over the open fire. The swivel contributes to an even cooking result and the link chain, in which the grill basket can be hung, enables you to regulate the temperature almost steplessly. With a total of 8 hanging loops, you benefit from a 360° cook. This is how the rustic grilling of roast chicken at full flame becomes an unforgettable experience with great success: the skin becomes crispy all over and the meat is particularly tender and aromatic.

The principle of the poultry grill basket follows the example of slow food cooking, in which food is cooked gently over a longer period of time at constant temperatures. The robust stainless steel basket revives the original instinct of the natural cooking process over blazing flames.

Technical specifications:
Material: stainless steel
Dimensions when assembled (approx.) (H x W x D): 35.5 x 20.2 x 18.5 cm
Grill basket weight (approx.): 238g
Weight chain with accessories (approx.): 183g
Length of chain with hook and swivel: 0.9m

Scope of delivery
1 x Poultry Grill Basket
1 x Swivel Chain
2 x S Hooks

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