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Lock Bracket for Petromax Cool Boxes

Lock Bracket for Petromax Cool Boxes

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Additional security for quiet nights in the open air
With the lock bracket, Petromax offers you a useful accessory for securing your ultra-passive cooling system. So you can firmly attach your cooler to a tree near your warehouse or to the bumper of your pick-up truck, effectively protecting it from theft.

Plug in and connect
You simply insert the safety bracket made of robust and 4 mm thick stainless steel into the handle of your Petromax cool box from above. As soon as you lock the box, you will automatically lock the lock holder. This means that it can no longer be removed from the outside and makes it possible for you to additionally secure your Petromax cool box with a chain and a lock. So you can sleep peacefully when your provisions are outside your tent or when you set out to explore. If you don't need the lock bracket to secure it, it will be a reliable means of countering your thirst for adventure thanks to the integrated bottle opener.

Technical details
Material: stainless steel
H x W x D: 10.4 x 2.2 x 0.4 cm
Weight: 100g

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