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Muffin Mould

Muffin Mould

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The Petromax cast iron muffin pan expands the range of Petromax cast iron products after the loaf pans and the Gugelhupf pan. With space for a total of six delicious little cakes, you can use the muffin tin directly over the fire, on the hot embers and in the home oven thanks to the practical handle with a notch. The mould also fits into the ft6 and ft9 Dutch Ovens.

Cast iron - reliability and quality
The muffin pan also benefits from the good properties of cast iron. The special surface structure ensures that the heat is efficiently stored and passed on to the baked treats inside. The surface of Petromax cast iron products is pre-treated (seasoned finish) and therefore does not need to be baked beforehand. So you can use the muffin pan immediately.

Practical and versatile
Whether savory or sweet, with the muffin tin you can easily make delicious pastries, whether in the outdoor kitchen or in the stove at home. If you want to use the mould in the Dutch Oven ft9, we recommend that you put the trivet ftus or the stacking rack in the pot before you put the muffin pan in, because cast iron should always be a little spaced apart so that it doesn't get damaged.

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