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Olive Wood Kuksa

Olive Wood Kuksa

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The Petromax Kuksa made of olive wood for your perfect bushcraft cup:

  • traditional Kuksa shape for a cup with history
  • Made in Germany: handcrafted
  • Particularly resource-saving thanks to the felling of old olive trees
  • food-safe and long-lasting thanks to oil-wax finish
  • practical suspension thanks to leather straps

Kuksa – the traditional cup made of olive wood for every adventure
The Petromax Kuksa is your traditional wooden cup: The cup served as a drinking and eating vessel or for collecting berries. The special thing about the Petromax Kuksa is the continuous, horizontally attached handle - so you can hold it sip by sip. With the leather strap you can wear the Kuksa on your belt or backpack and always have it at hand.

The Kuksa is the ideal piece of equipment for your outdoor adventurer as it offers many uses. It can be used as a cup, for soup or as a serving bowl - with its 200 ml capacity you can also use it for scooping or measuring. This genuine bushcraft mug will impress you with its ease of use and long-term durability, which you will enjoy for many years in all your outdoor activities.

The history of the Kuksa
Originally, the Kuksa was made by its owner from a growth of birch with a few tools such as a knife and axe and then fitted with a reindeer horn and leather hook. Traditionally, the kuksa was never washed, only cleaned in a stream or lake. Olive wood offers the advantage that it is scratch-resistant, hygienic, acid-resistant and does not absorb odours - it is therefore the ideal adventure equipment. Thanks to the oil-wax finish, you don't have to treat the Petromax Kuksa with salt or coffee powder and you can use it immediately.

This is what makes your olive wood kuksa so individual
The Kuksa is handcrafted by Petromax in Germany. It is made from the wood of the Olea Europaea. The olive trees are felled because the olives can no longer be harvested - this means that production is resource-saving. The oil-wax finish at the end of the manufacturing process means that the mug will last a long time, so it is always ready for the next use outside. The dragon-like engraving with the Petromax logo gives each Kuksa a special touch with its very individual grain. Each Kuksa's grain pattern is different, making it a truly unique item.

How to care for your kuksa:
You can only clean your Kuksa in the traditional way in the stream - or with a mild detergent and clear water. Let them dry well after each use - if necessary you can rub them with a thin film of high-quality olive oil. Strongly staining liquids like blackberry juice or red wine can also stain your kuksa.

Technical details
Material: Olive wood with an oil wax finish
Approx. dimensions (H x W x D): 6.5 x 14 x 9 cm
Approx. weight: 175 g
Capacity (max.): 200 ml

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