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Olive Wood Ladle

Olive Wood Ladle

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This makes your Petromax ladle made of olive wood an individual serving utensil for hearty soups and stews:

  • strong olive wood ladle with a capacity of 60 ml
  • handmade in Germany
  • sustainable by using olive trees that are no longer harvestable
  • long-lasting thanks to the oil-wax finish, naturally food-safe
  • practical hanging on the leather strap

Rustic and individual: your ladle made of olive wood
The Petromax ladle made of olive wood is used for decanting your campfire meal into the hungry team's enamel bowls. It is also suitable for tasting your food around the campfire or for measuring - with a capacity of 60 ml you have enough space for a good dose of adventure. The scooping of water from the stream is also possible without any problems thanks to the long handle. The olive wood ladle sits comfortably in your hand and is simply part of the standard cooking equipment.

Made in Germany: This is what distinguishes your olive wood ladle
Your very own ladle is handcrafted in Germany. It consists of the wood of the Olea Europaea - the trees have to be felled because they no longer bear any olives. This results in a particularly resource-saving production. Due to the oil-wax finish, your ladle is durable and always ready for the next use. You can attach it to your belt or backpack with the leather strap and always carry it with you - and of course hang it up in your outdoor kitchen for immediate use. Due to the unique wood grain and the strong engraving with the Petromax logo, each ladle from your meal gets an individual touch.

This is how you take care of your olive wood ladle
You should only clean the Petromax ladle made of olive wood with mild soap and water. Treating it with a little good quality olive oil from time to time will make your trowel last longer. In any case, it should be allowed to dry well after each use. The olive wood ladle can also become discoloured when using foods that stain strongly, such as red wine sauces or tomato soups but this is just part of its history.

Technical details
Material: Olive wood with an oil wax finish
Approximate dimensions (H x W x D): 8 x 27 x 7 cm
Approximate weight: 141 g
Capacity (max.): 60 ml

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