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Pouring Aid for Stainless Steel Percolator

Pouring Aid for Stainless Steel Percolator

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A simple tool with a big effect: with the pouring aid for the stainless steel percolator, you can pour coffee specifically for the whole group. The handle and grip of your percolator are securely hooked into the rods. So fixed, you simply hang the pouring aid next to your sizzling meat on the crossbar of your fire bridge. Your strong coffee or aromatic tea is boiling over the fire as usual and with a simple tilting movement you pour the tired pack - one after the other - a warming cup. So not a single drop goes wrong. Since the pouring aid has a handle made of natural beech wood, you are guaranteed safe handling of the hot jug. And if the percolator has to be refilled for the next round, you can safely remove it from the fire with the pouring aid.

Complete your cooking equipment with the clever helper for more adventures around the campfire!

Technical data
Material: steel, beech wood
Dimensions (H x W x D): 71 x 7 x 13.5 cm
Weight: 0.5 kg

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