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PRO Whoopie Slings Set

PRO Whoopie Slings Set

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PRO whoopie slings let you perfectly level the hammock and give the desired shape. Additionally equipped with smart hooks to hang your luggage and the HANDY Pocket, for your valuables.

The name “PRO” informs that our whoopie slings, besides their primary function, offer something unique. The main function of the whoopie slings is to smoothly adjust the tension level of a hammock.

PRO Whoopie slings, along with the EASY Hammock Suspension, are among the most convenient systems for deploying and adjusting the suspension of hammocks. They don’t require knowledge of knots.

Short, so-called fixed loops, are attached to the loops at the ends of the hammock.
Long loops, the so-called tensioning loops are usually attached to the carabiners of the straps (tree huggers) that are wrapped around the trees.

The adjustable length of the loops lets you perfectly level the hammock and give it the desired shape. When the hammock is stretched, these loops lock and keep the hammock in the set position.

Tensioning loops are equipped with characteristic orange beads to prevent the loops from slipping out accidentally.

We have left 20 cm of free cord between the loops so that you can thread the fixed loops directly through the end channels of the hammock instead of the standard hammock loops.

Pass the remaining part of the whoopie sling through the fixed loop and tighten it. In this way, you can attach the whoopie slings directly to the hammock and “slim it down” by reducing the weight of the standard hammock loops.

PRO - hooks
Most of the other whoopie slings producers, leave free ends unused. We have equipped them with clever hooks so that the free ends of our PRO Whoopie slings can be used to hang on luggage, e.g. a backpack.

If the free ends are short, we can hook them next to the whoopie cords of the slings. In that way, we are creating two convenient loops where we can hang our luggage. In this way, you can hang-on luggage up to 10 kg.

If the free ends are long enough, we can create a so-called baby hammock, i.e. a hanging place for a backpack. This solution has the advantage that the backpack is always at hand.

Pitching is quite easy. We put the free ends of PRO Whoopie Slings through the backpack handle on one side and the backpack harness on the other side. Hook on the end back to the cord. It will create a loop and tighten the cord by pulling the hook so that the backpack hangs above the ground. The hooks are shaped in such a way that they keep the backpack in the right position, weighing up to 20 kg.

A maximum of 20 kg is possible due to the fact that the weight of the backpack is divided into two hooks and two cords. Each hook is loaded to the permissible level of 5 kg

Remember! Leave some space between the hammock and the backpack so that after you lie down in the hammock you will be comfortable and the backpack will not pinch.

Total length: 300 cm
Total adjustment range: 90cm-300cm
Total weight: 30g
Cord: 3mm UHMWPE
Maximum hook load: 5 kg
Maximum static load of PRO Whoopie slings: 700kg (total)

Set contains:
A pair of PRO Whoopie slings
HANDY Pocket small

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