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Professional Lid Lifter

Professional Lid Lifter

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With the Petromax professional lid lifter made of high-quality steel, you can easily and safely lift the hot lids of the Dutch oven, loaf pan and the like and put them back on.

Easy handling thanks to the ingenious clamping mechanism
Thanks to the two wooden handles, the professional lid lifter lies comfortably in your hand, so that the lifting and closing of cast iron lids is effortless. With a length of 35 cm, it guarantees an optimal distance to the hot lid. In addition, the practical helper offers you a secure and comfortable hold thanks to the ingenious clamping mechanism.

Steadfast and ready to hand
With its extra feet, the professional lid lifter is always there next to the Dutch oven or grill. The feet also serve as additional security, because you can always control the hot lid when lifting it.

Suitable for hot pots of all sizes as well as box shapes etc.
Your professional lid lifter can be used universally and fits perfectly with every size of the Petromax Dutch oven as well as box shapes and so on.

Technical data
Material: coated steel, wood

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