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Fire Barrels have long served more than just a functional purpose as they set the scene for modern gardens and terraces. With its sophisticated design the Feuerhand Fire Barrel really makes an impression. Yet it can do a lot more than just look good: You can use the high-quality Fire Barrel to build a warming fire and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere on cool evenings all year round. It also offers a stylish grill option in the traditional Spanish way.

Why the Pyron Fire Barrel with smokeless effect is the ideal outdoor fireplace:

  • double-wall stainless-steel body with ventilation openings all round
  • effective and virtually smoke-free combustion thanks to sophisticated air-flow system
  • integral charcoal grate and removable ash dish for optimal positioning of fuel and easy cleaning
  • stable and protecting the ground from heat thanks to high support legs
  • multifunctional with the addition of the Pyron Plate to create a plancha grill

The Feuerhand Pyron enables you to relax around the fire so you can fully commit to enjoying cosy evenings with your guests. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this reliable fire barrel meets modern requirements and blends in harmoniously with the design of your terrace. The double-wall body is equipped with specially positioned ventilation openings, which are the reason why the Pyron Fire Barrel emits particularly low levels of smoke and soot on those mild summer evenings and cool autumnal days.

The Pyron Fire Barrel is the ideal fireplace for roasting marshmallows or bread at a comfortable height. Even in colder temperatures the Pyron keeps you pleasantly warm without producing a lot of irritating smoke. The material is exceptionally durable and will develop a distinctive patina over time. Prepare to be mesmerised by the flickering flames and add the Pyron Plate for a plancha-style grilling experience and unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Technical details
Top diameter (inside edge): approx. 29.5 cm
Top diameter (outside edge): approx. 36.5 cm
Floor space: 44.5 cm
Height with support legs: 74 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Volume for fuel: 25 litres
W x H x D: 38.5 x 56.5 x 38.5 cm
Weight: 10.6 kg

Scope of delivery
1 x Cylindrical body (inner and outer casing riveted)
1 x Charcoal grate
1 x Ash dish with handles
1 x Bottom
3 x Mounting for the ash dish
3 x Support leg
6 x Allen screw
6 x Washer
1 x Allen wrench for installing the support legs
1 x User manual

What is a Fire Barrel?
A Fire Barrel is a barrel-shaped fireplace made of a robust and heat-resistant material. In the past, Fire Barrels were used solely for burning garden waste. Today's Fire Barrels have much more to offer:

  • Fire Barrels create a unique campfire atmosphere and a special flair.
  • Fire Barrels have people gather around the fire and create a convivial place in your garden.
  • On cool evenings, they bring warmth to your terrace.
  • They can be the heart of your garden or serve as a stylish accessory.
  • What is special about the Pyron Fire Barrel by Feuerhand?
    Equipped with an internal fire basket or grate, a Fire Barrel is a column-shaped Fire Bowl and provides warmth, light and a cosy atmosphere. The Pyron Fire Barrel made of robust stainless-steel features a trendy industrial look and serves as a stylish and portable fireplace on your terrace.

    The high-end Feuerhand Fire Barrel impresses with its particularly low-smoke combustion, an integrated charcoal grate and a removable ash dish. Complemented by the matching grilling plate (Feuerhand Pyron Plate), the Fire Barrel not only offers blazing flames but also serves as a full-fledged cooking and grilling station. With its high-quality workmanship, appealing design and well-thought-out construction, this Fire Barrel is the centre of any garden party. The Pyron makes a statement on any terrace and has established itself as a highly versatile Fire Barrel.

    Can you cook with a Fire Barrel?
    With a Fire Barrel, you can enjoy mild summer evenings in a special manner. But a Fire Barrel is also ideal for grilling and preparing other specialities to your heart’s content. The Pyron Plate matches the Pyron Fire Barrel and is made in Germany.

    The Grilling Plate made of durable steel transforms your Fire Barrel into an outdoor cooking station in no time and is the perfect combination of a modern Plancha grill and cooking place. On the one hand, it enables grilling in Spanish Plancha style and offers everything you need to enjoy Mediterranean cooking with friends and family.

    What does a Fire Barrel cost?
    The cost of a Fire Barrel varies greatly. As would be expected, high-quality Fire Barrels offer extras and additional functions along with an appealing design and thus fall into a higher price segment. The Pyron Fire Barrel with its double-walled stainless-steel body for low-smoke combustion, removable ash dish, charcoal grate and an optional grilling plate is available.

    How many holes should there be in a Fire Barrel?
    A continuous supply of oxygen is essential to a strong and long-lasting fire. To ensure this, Fire Barrels are equipped with ventilation holes. These are located in the lower and upper parts of the double-walled body of the Pyron Fire Barrel. The Pyron has 56 holes on the outside and 14 on the inside, each 4 cm in diameter.

    Thus, the Feuerhand Pyron Fire Barrel has far more than the recommended 8-14 holes. They ensure optimum oxygen supply, particularly effective wood combustion and low smoke development thanks to the wood boiler principle.

    Which surface is best for the Fire Barrel?
    The Pyron Fire Barrel stands firm on three legs. The fuel is placed on the charcoal grate, underneath which is a tray that collects combustion residues. Thanks to the tall legs, there is sufficient distance to the ground to operate the Fire Barrel safely. However, the Fire Barrel should not be positioned on the lawn.

    Similar to a Fire Bowl, we recommend that you position the Fire Barrel on a heat-resistant surface. Sand and stone are ideal for this. Fire Barrels should always have sufficient distance to heat-sensitive objects as well as bushes and shrubs. Due to the double wall, the Pyron radiates less heat than other fire barrels, but it is still an open fire that requires safety precautions.

    How does the wood boiler principal work in the Fire Barrel?
    The Feuerhand Pyron consists of a double-walled stainless-steel body. The holes in the bottom and walls of the body ensure ideal oxygen supply. Thanks to the wood gasification principle, the firewood in the Pyron burns under optimal conditions: While the oxygen from below keeps the fire alive (primary combustion), heated air flows in parallel through the double wall towards the upper holes, where rising unburnt flue gas is then burnt (secondary combustion).

    Thanks to this clever operating principle, the Pyron enables effective combustion and a virtually smoke-free fire for garden and terrace. Another advantage is that the combustion of wood and flue gas ensures that few emissions are released into the atmosphere. Once the Fire Barrel is running it delights with its unique flame pattern and creates a special garden atmosphere.

    What kind of wood should I use for the Fire Barrel?
    When choosing firewood for your fire barrel, the same rules apply as when choosing wood for your indoor fireplace. Firewood with a high calorific value is particularly suitable, as the higher the calorific value, the higher the energy that is released when the wood is burnt.

    Therefore, hardwood is particularly suitable. Beech, for example, burns very quietly and glows for a long time. Ash offers a particularly beautiful flame pattern. Birch is easy to ignite and reaches the ideal temperature relatively quickly. The flames have a bluish glow and create very few sparks. What is more, birch bark is an excellent natural kindling material for your Fire Barrel. Oak or copper beech are also good options, although oak has a distinctive burning smell.

    Basically, any wood with a residual moisture content of 15-20% is suitable. However, hardwood is much more efficient for it burns evenly and slowly. Some types of hardwood also have a pleasant scent due to their natural essential oils or create attractive flames.

    Soft wood such as pine or spruce will ignite easily and create a soothing crackling noise, but it also produces lots of sparks and burns down relatively quickly. However, thanks to its fast combustion it is ideal to get your Pyron Fire Barrel or Tyropit Fire Bowl going.

    How do I prevent rust on my Fire Barrel? Your Pyron Fire Barrel is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is considered to be particularly resistant to rust. Nevertheless, it is important that you remove ash residues from your Fire Barrel after it has cooled down and store it in a dry place. Ash in combination with moisture leads to a chemical reaction that causes rust – even in a material such as stainless steel that has a high degree of purity. Therefore, you should never expose your Fire Barrel to the weather or extinguish it with water. The latter would cause stresses in the material due to the sudden temperature difference, damaging your Fire Barrel. Always store your stainless-steel Fire Barrel free of ash, dry and away from other steel items. If you look after the needs of your Fire Barrel, you will enjoy it for a long time.

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