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Robens IceShield 75

Robens IceShield 75

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Robens Iceshield 75 is an extremely lightweight and durable self-inflating mat.

Weighs ony 995g and comes complete with its own carrybag.

Design with no cold spots and vertical cut outs and still remaning very lightweight and compact.

Small vertical offset cutouts on both sides of the mat are made to reduce weight and have a high even isolation.

The cutout creates a row of rounded air pockets on each side, adding 2 cm in thickness for superior comfort and low weight.>

Very environment friendly design with no foam waste from the cut out.

Fits all Outhaus swags and our slip-in canvas bedroll.

Robens Peak Valve with one-way technology and very high airflow properties
Delamination-proof TPU construction for extreme durability
Anatomical shape
Carrybag included
Peak Valve
Weight: 995g

Fabric: 20D 390T nylon with double line square ripstop, TPU coated, 100% nylon
R-value: 4.2 (-12°C)
Colour: Ocean Blue
Size: 193 x 61 x 7.5 cm (LxWxH)
Pack size: 31 x 16cm

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