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Rocket Stove RF33

Rocket Stove RF33

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The Petromax Rocket Stove rf33 effectively combines the chimney effect and the wood gasification principle through an optimal air supply, whereby an extremely efficient combustion of biomass is achieved.

The L-shaped design of the fuel supply, combustion chamber and chimney outlet is decisive. Wood, pine cones and the like are simply pushed over the practical shelf so that the fire can be regulated as best as possible.

In the combustion chamber, the heat is contained in a small space protected by the insulated casing. The heat escaping from the hood can be stored in the cast-iron top and used for cooking.

The rocket stove rf33 supplements the outdoor kitchen with a solid stove with economical combustion. It is robust, durable and easy to handle with its carrying handles.

Technical data:
Material: stainless steel, cast iron, wood
Height: 33 cm
Outside diameter (without handles and chimney): 23.5 cm
Inside diameter chimney: 9.4 cm
Dimensions opening fuel: 7x12 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg

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