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Rotating Waffle Iron

Rotating Waffle Iron

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A new twist for fresh waffles - the reversible waffle iron
The reversible waffle iron is a cast iron mould with which you can prepare both savoury and sweet waffles in no time at all. With the corresponding support frame, you get a perfectly fitting base on which you can place the waffle iron in a non-tilting and non-slip manner. The waffle mould consists of two parts that are connected to each other by a hinge. Preformed notches give the cast iron form a fixed position in the frame. The iron is held together by the locking mechanism and remains securely locked even during the turning process: this prevents your waffle batter from flowing out of the mould.

With the help of the natural wooden handles, you can easily turn the reversible waffle iron with one hand, even at higher temperatures. The long cast nose on the side forms the turning attachment point on the support frame. This allows the iron to be rotated 180 ° and then reach the correct support point on the frame again. With the reversible waffle iron, preparing fresh heart waffles is easy. You don't have to do without the characteristic taste that traditional cooking with cast iron brings with it.

The reversible waffle iron with a brand-new double function
If a fiery dragon brand is completely to your taste, then the double function of the reversible waffle iron is just right for you. Because where airy waffles are baked inside, you can also bake thin pancakes or flatbreads with a dragon-strong logo on the outside with a large-format dragon logo print.

A strong team - the reversible waffle iron and the Atago
The Atago is an ideal outdoor hotplate to use the reversible waffle iron: The frame of the waffle iron fits perfectly on the upper edge. At the same time, the distance between the support frame and the charcoal grid is large enough to be able to bake the waffles with indirect heat. This gives you the best results and gives you enough space for skilful turning manoeuvres.

Technical specifications
Material (reversible waffle iron): cast iron, stainless steel, wood
Material (support frame): steel
H x W x D (reversible waffle iron): 4 x 21 x 51 cm
H x W x D (support frame): 8.5 x 22 x 28 cm
H x W x D (reversible waffle iron including support frame): 9 x 22 x 54 cm
Weight (total): 3.6 kg
Waffle size (diameter): 16 cm

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