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Silicon Trivet for Dutch Ovens, Skillets and Pans

Silicon Trivet for Dutch Ovens, Skillets and Pans

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The silicone coaster is a powerful accessory for your Dutch Ovens and lids:

Non-slip coaster for all your Petromax Dutch Ovens

Fits lids up to ft9
Spacers between Dutch Oven and Lid for storage
Temperature resistant from -40°C to 230°C
Eyelet for hanging

The Petromax silicone coaster is the non-slip base for all your Dutch Ovens when you want to take a break from cooking or frying. The lid also finds its central place here when things get hot in the Dutch Oven. The curved grooves already indicate the different sizes of the Dutch Oven: Thanks to the indentations, the hot lids of different sizes lie securely on the base with the characteristic dragon logo. The flexible shelf in the shape of a boomerang is suitable for Dutch Oven lids up to model ft9.

With a temperature resistance of -40°C to 230°C, the food-safe silicone is insensitive to very high and extremely low temperatures.

After cooking, the silicone trivet acts as a spacer between the pot and the lid for air circulation. The pad can also be hung up. Should the Petromax coaster be heavily soiled or greasy, it can simply be cleaned lying in the dishwasher.

It serves as an anti-slip base when you clean your pot and care for it with the care paste for cast and wrought iron. The silicone coaster is the basis for your hot cast iron, before, during and after the fire.

Technical details:
Material: silicone
Measures approximately: 29.4 x 26.2 x 0.8 cm
Weight, approx.: 280 g

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