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Soft Shackle

Soft Shackle

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Soft shackle 4g/ 10kN. A great solution for ultralight travel enthusiasts. Perfectly replaces classic carabiners and shackles and offers a number of additional applications.

4g is all it takes to conveniently connect your hammock to the suspension system.

10 kN strength!
Achieving such unique parameters is possible thanks to the use of 3mm rope made of high density nylon and an appropriate weave which forms the shackle.

It requires a bit more experience to use than a classic carabiner, but offers significant weight savings and a number of additional features.


Connector/ Carabiner
Classically as a connector replacing heavy carabiners or shackles. The soft shackle is 5 times lighter than an aluminum hammock carabiner and 10 times lighter than a steel carabiner.

Hammock loops
By replacing the loops on the ends of the hammock, we can slim it down by about 10%. Additionally, the knob at the end of the shackle makes a great connector to the Whoopie sling. This clever connection nullifies carabiners and saves another ~10% of hammock weight.

The distinctive design of the soft shackle makes it suitable for use as a loop, e.g. to create prusik type stoppers.

Soft shackles are perfect as attachments in the molle/palls system when you want to attach or suspend something.

Directions for use
The soft shackle can be fastened in two ways:
Intertwine the free end of the loop under the knob and then place it over the knob
Tie so called ram’s horns from the free end of the loop on the knob.

Using other types of fasteners may cause the shackle to malfunction.
Shackles are hand-braided and may vary slightly
Soft shackles are available in several colors to discreetly identify the ends of the hammock, which can sometimes be very helpful.

A convenient way to transport them is to wear them as a bracelet.

The soft shackle is great for ultralight travel enthusiasts.

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