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Spare Parts Set for HK500

Spare Parts Set for HK500

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This 17-piece consumables set for the Petromax HK500 contains all components that are required to service and maintain the lamp. Apart from the mantles, the nozzle needle (#68) and the nozzle (#50), the following spare parts included in the set are also suitable for the Petromax HK350:

Clay burner (#3)
3 x Petromax mantles HK500 (#helox-500)
Gauge Gasket (#11)
Valve Core (#17)
Pump Leather (#46)
Jet (#50)
Jet Needle (#68)
Pump Valve Gasket (#83)
2 x O-Rings (#90)
Graphite Packing (#108)
Valve Gasket (#193)
Valve spring (#194)
Valve sleeve (#195)
Socket with gasket and screw (#229)

The number alongside the individual components corresponds to the article number of the individual part and the number in the construction plan of the Petromax high-power lamp.

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