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Stove Pipe for Loki and Loki 2

Stove Pipe for Loki and Loki 2

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This single stovepipe replaces one of the four upper plug-in elements of your versatile Petromax Loki2 tent stove. You can put the stovepipes of the Loki2 on top of each other in any order, but you only have to make sure that the stovepipe with the exhaust air regulator is always connected to the body first.

Alternatively, you can individually extend the total length of your stovepipe with individual pipe elements and adjust it to the height of your tent or tipi. However, make sure that you have sufficient stabilization.

Also suitable for the Petromax Loki.

W x H x D: 6.5 x 41 x 6.5 cm
Weight: 600 g

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