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Survival Bracelet 6m with Fire Striker

Survival Bracelet 6m with Fire Striker

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Survival bracelet 6m (with firesteel).
An offer for tough ones – you will find no emergency whistles or plastic buckles here. This is 6m.! of strong paracord line (original, strong 7-core paracord) thick firesteel and comfortable fire-striker with the serated blade.

More cord:
it straps and secures your equipment
emergency knife handle
camping alarm
rope to build a shelter
and many, many other ways to use it.

Firesteel with fire-striker
Survival bracelet 6m is also a reliable source of fire in the form of a comfortable and original buckle. The set allows you to light a fire effectively under difficult conditions, all you need is some dry tinder and… a little practice. The firesteel can be used without unknotting the rope.

Fire guarantees you:
safe food

How do you find dry tinder?
See the short film below to get to know one of the practical ways of gathering dry tinder.

The original buckle consists of a firesteel and an oxidated fire-striker made of steel. The rope loop with a length of about 6 cm allows the appropriate regulation of the bracelet for comfortable wearing.

The steel fire-striker has the form of a ring that lies comfortably in your hand, with a short, flat-ended blade hidden inside the first part of the braid.

Survival bracelet 6m – So little and yet so much.

Length: 6m
No. of paracord cores: 7
Spark striker

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