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Tamber Table Top Grill - Light Green

Tamber Table Top Grill - Light Green

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Feurhand's Tamber is the ideal Table Top Grill for enjoyable moments between just the two of you:

  • Perfectly designed Table Top Grill, matching the Hurricane Lanterns Baby Special 276 in colour.
  • Food does not stick due to the enamelled grilling grate with special drainage grooves for liquid food residuals.
  • Evenly cooked food thanks to ventilation openings which provide a constant grill temperature.
  • Genuine barbecue aroma with the Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill for a convenient grilling experience thanks to natural ignition coating.
  • Tilt-proof stand and protection of the surface below thanks to the clever dual-purpose wooden coaster/lid.

The Feuerhand Tamber is the ideal Table Top Grill for an intimate dinner with your favourite person where pleasure and personal taste come first. While your food is cooking over low heat on this handy Table Top Grill, you can be truly present in the moment and savour the small grilled delicacies directly at the table.

The Tamber’s lid serves as a heat-resistant coaster for your table during the grilling process and ensures that your Table Top Grill sits safely. The Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal featuring a purely natural ignition coating enables a quick and convenient use of the Tamber. The Tamber is ready for use in 15-20 minutes after lighting it and thanks to its components that are easily removed and cleaned, the Tamber makes your life easy even when the barbecue is over. The enamelled grilling grate is non-stick and is designed so that food liquids drain away while barbecuing with the help of special drainage grooves – it is also suitable for the dishwasher.

Tip to round off the evening.
The Tamber’s lid that has reliably protected your table from high temperatures during the barbecue, can now serve as the perfect base for your Baby Special 276 Hurricane Lantern to light up the later evening hours.

The Feuerhand Tamber Table Top Grill offers a conscious and versatile barbecue experience for a small, relaxed gathering and operates for up to 1.5 hours on just one portion of charcoal. Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal is available separately in a refill pack (1 kg).

Watching the sunset with good friends over a glass of fine wine and some light food is a lovely memory of summer. That is why the ideal table top grill is operated using low-smoke charcoal and without any fat dripping onto the glowing briquettes. Thus, you can focus on what really matters: shared delight.

Low-smoke combustion
The Tamber, with its functional secondary combustion principle, is characterised by low-smoke combustion. The ingenious grilling grate directs liquid and fat to the edge of the table top grill’s body so that it does not smoke. This will please not only your neighbours, but also you and your guests around your fireplace.

Safe operation
The Tamber Table Top Grill has three feet so that it sits firmly in position. Good insulation and a wooden lid to serve as a protective layer over your table are key components of your table top grill and contribute to safe operation.

Easy handling
The easier it is to set up, the quicker your Tamber can be operated. The Tamber comes already assembled and includes a starter package of charcoal. Emptying the ash should not be a challenge either. The Feuerhand Tamber has a separate removable ash dish that blends perfectly into the overall design.

Effective combustion
The Feuerhand Charcoal for Table Top Grill burns effectively thanks to the oxygen supplied through the ventilation holes in the body, burner and heat protection. In addition, the charcoal has a food-safe, natural coating neutral in taste. The coating means that the charcoal can be lit without grill lighters. The Tamber can be operated for one and a half hours with just 140 g of charcoal.

Durable material
If you want your table top grill to last for a long time, the Feuerhand Tamber is exactly the right choice for you. The grilling grate is made of enameled steel and is reasy to clean. The proven combination of steel and glass is scratch-resistant and hard-wearing.

To clean the body of the Tamber simply wipe it with a soft, damp cloth.

Technical data
Material: steel, powder coated
Diameter: 20 cm
Diameter of grilling grate: 19.3 cm
Height with lid: 14 cm
Total weight (incl. lid): 1.9 kg

Scope of delivery
1 x Feuerhand Tamber
1 x grilling grate (enamelled)
1 x burner with heat protection (stainless steel)
1 x lid/coaster with logo (wood)
1 x starter pack Feuerhand Table Top Grill Charcoal
1 x user manual

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