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Trammel (Kettle) Hook

Trammel (Kettle) Hook

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The Petromax kettle hook made of coated steel brings the principle of the hook, which has been handed down since the Middle Ages, into the modern outdoor kitchen. You can even hang heavy kettles and pots reliably over your campfire on the large bracket. With the seven teeth of the kettle saw, cooking outside is literally a step up. It allows you to conveniently vary the distance between the pot or kettle and the fire and thus the cooking temperature of your food. Thanks to the practical suspension - a combination of eyelet and a bend - you can attach the kettle hook to both your tripod and the crossbar of your hob above the fire.

Please note that the powder coating may peel off during use. The function of the boiler hook is not affected.

Technical data
Material: steel, powder-coated
Maximum length extended: 61 cm

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