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Tripod Lashing Large

Tripod Lashing Large

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The new larger size makes the Petromax tripod ring a practical helper for large campfires:

  • easy to set up campfires thanks to the small pack size
  • longevity thanks to the stainless steel ring
  • secure footing: prefabricated recesses for branches
  • hanging fire pots or tea kettles directly over the fire
  • spontaneous assembly anywhere with natural material

With the Petromax tripod ring, you can immediately set up a campfire for outdoor cooking adventures. Three branches are sought out by the campfire chef and carved to fit through the notches of the tripod ring. Then the fireplace is set up and a hook is attached to which a Dutch Oven or tea kettle can be hung. Due to the adjustable length of the chain, the pot can be hung closer to the fire. The tripod ring is characterized by its small pack size and is also suitable, for example, for building a tipi.

The packaging contains the tripod ring, two hooks and a chain.

Technical details:
Material tripod ring: stainless steel
Material chain and hook: steel
H x W x D (approx) (tripod ring): 0.3 x 14.7 x 14.7 cm
Diameter for branches (max): 5.5 cm
Total length (with hook and chain): 80 cm
Total weight (approx.): 625 g
Weight of tripod ring: approx. 230 g

Package contents
1 x tripod ring
2 x hooks
1 x chain

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